Project 52


Here will be found chronologically published items such that returnig here to may be interesting.



11 Dürener Jazztage / dolce vita


10 Breezin


9 Canon - Johann Pachelbel - baroque music - baritone sax



8 Take Five - baritone sax




7 Rolling in the Deep - baritone sax 


6 Composition 'Cute'

by Jürgen Keymer. Pictures demonstrating the mood while composing. 



5 Fly Me to the Moon 

 (short German introduction)


4 Hijo de la Luna


 The wonderful song 'Hijo de la Luna' (son of the moon) of the band Mecano.

Sorry no jazz.




3 Carpet ot the Sun


 Another wonderful song of the band Renaissance. It has created in the 1970th years fascinating Progressive-Rock with parts of classical music. A view on YouTube reveals more about the band with the extraordinary singer Annie Haslam who is touring again nowadays. 



The following videos were simply taken by an iPad using its pinhead mic and were left original except the additional text and thus are genuine:


1. Tenor solo: Autumn Leaves - Ain't No Sunshine - Wave

2. Alto: Bebop - Charlie Parker -

           Anthropology - Ornithology - Yardbird Suite - Scrapple From the Apple 

           The task was to play four pieces of bebop in sequence directly and uncut. 



2 Meditation


1 Bebop - Charlie Parker


stay tuned


keep swingin' !